Why do I take 2 appointments to complete your permanent make up procedure?

Posted on April 12, 2024 by Categories: Uncategorized

When you decide to take the plunge and book in for new eyebrows, eyeliner or lip colour (with the exception of ultra soft lip blush), then I book you in for an initial procedure appointment followed by a retouch appointment a few weeks later. I often get asked why you need a retouch appointment? There are a few reasons so I thought I would explain! 

My go to phrase is always – ‘I can easily add but it’s much trickier to take away’. 

Sometimes my clients don’t always know exactly what they want and most clients are worried they will end up with too much. I prefer to work conservatively on the first appointment which allows you to get used to your new style gradually, and then we can add more to the colour or shape on the follow up appointment if required. This way of working suits me and my clients well, allowing us to work together to achieve the perfect style of your choice. 

There are also some variables in the way that skin heals. Everyone is a little different and sometimes a skin will cool or warm up a pigment during the healing process and a little modifying can be done at the second procedure to balance the colour and tone.

Some skin will push out more colour than others during healing and may need more pigment implantation than usual, which again can be done at the retouch procedure. 

So that is why I see you twice! To balance and modify my work to reflect the way your skin heals, and to allow us to build colour and shape in a gradual way to achieve a fabulous result.

If you have any more questions then do book in for a free consultation with me at my clinic in Tetbury 😊