When should you colour boost?

Posted on July 12, 2023 by Categories: Uncategorized

A question I am asked most days is ‘How can you tell if I need a colour boost?’. Here are some things to look for.

1. Fading. Has your makeup lost its vibrancy, is looking faded or changed in colour? Are there sparse areas of colour? 

2. Contrast. Is your brow tattoo looking obviously different from your brow hair? 

3. Definition. Are you losing definition and drawing in to maintain the shape? If the shape is starting to go then it is time to book in for maintenance. If the shape is lost then you will need to start again with a new set. 

What is the average time for a colour boost?

Most people will need a colour boost at 12-18 months. Some less, some more. The cell turnover is different for everyone. Also sun exposure, smoking, medication, medical conditions and other things can effect this. If you are not sure then send me a clear photo and I can assess where you are at. 

Don’t leave it too late! If your permanent makeup is very faded and needs redesigning and it is not a simple colour boost then you will need to start over and book in a new set. 

Don’t come in too early! If your permanent makeup doesn’t need more colour, then by adding more they will appear too bold and the skin will hold too much colour. 

If you are unsure then I can advise you – just get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

New customer info

If you are a new customer, then welcome! If you are booking for a colour boost over another permanent makeup artist’s work then I will assess what you currently have, to advise if I can colour boost, or if you need a new set or sometimes the option of removal work in order to achieve the beautiful result that you want.

If you are new to permanent makeup then you will be starting with a new set so this won’t apply to you for a year or two.

I will never do a colour boost if it isn’t needed – my priority is that your makeup is the best it can be. Adding colour before it is needed will not achieve this. Sometimes a client arrives for a colour boost and their makeup still looks perfect, so we have a coffee and rebook in for 6/12 months time! I promise to always make decisions to give you the best results possible.

I hope that has been useful and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Love Luisa x