Tips about lips!

Posted on November 21, 2019 by Categories: Blog

I love creating a lip colour on a client and it’s a procedure that many clients are curious about, so I thought I would write a little post all about lips 💋 There are 2 types of lip tattooing / ultra soft lip blush or full lip colour. Ultra soft lip blush is a beautiful sheer lip tint that is achieved in just one session. This is great for adding a soft colour for those who may not wear lipstick on a daily basis. Some of my clients have lost colour toward the edge of their lips which can result in them looking thinner when in fact the lip tissue is there, but the lack of colour gives the illusion of a thinner lip. A lip blush is great for picking that up and showing the fullness of your natural lips. Other clients prefer a stronger lip colour with more of a lip line or contour correction on uneven or undefined lip shapes. This is done over 2 sessions and gives a denser and stronger colour. The mucosal tissue of the lip is different to the skin around the lip so for the very best finish I am careful to alter the contour where needed for a beautiful enhanced shape rather than creating a completely new lip line and larger lip area. To achieve a much bigger and fuller lip then a treatment such as dermal fillers can be considered instead. I have a large array of lip colours which are individually mixed into a ‘recipe’ personalised to suit each client. Clients often bring in favourite lipsticks so I can tailor the colour to match. Some clients can experience swelling for the first day or two, although most get very little or none.  It you may want to bear this in mind when scheduling your procedure to avoid any social events where you may feel self conscious if you do get some puffiness. Some clients will find they get a day or two during the healing procedure when they have the appearance of patchy or chapped lips. This is normal and may or may not happen. I am always open and honest about what to expect when having a procedure so each client can make an informed decision as to if it is the correct route for them. 

I love my lip blush – mine is a beautiful sheer pink nude tint. Just a hint of colour which is perfect for me for every day. Then if I’m on a big night out then I love a Stila matte liquid lipstick for a bolder look! 💋💋💋

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Luisa xx