Running shoes and brow tattoos!

Posted on July 11, 2019 by Categories: Blog

About 18 months ago I decided that I needed to get fitter and started doing the couch to 5k and caught the running bug! Don’t get me wrong – I’m no Mo Farrah, but I do try and get out when I can. As well as improving my fitness it is great thinking time and my little bit of therapy. I’m proud to say that in May I completed my first 10k and have now started attending Parkruns. If you’ve never heard of Parkruns then check it out online – they are held at venues all over the country at 9am on Saturday mornings and great fun for all ages and abilities. Last Saturday I completed the Cirencester 5K Parkrun with my eldest son Sam – he managed an impressive PB – then he ran back to run the last half of my final lap with me. As we got to the end a local running club was cheering on the slower amateurs (such as myself) and a lady from the club asked me how my make up looked so perfect after running that distance in the beautiful sunny weather! I managed to gasp ‘It’s tattooed’ as I staggered over the finish line and made a mental note to put a couple of business cards in my bumbag for next week.So this got me thinking just how nice it is having my make up in place no matter what! Inwardly I have struggled with self esteem and self confidence for many years and still do now, so for me, feeling I look presentable  in situations where I am out of my comfort zone really does help. My clients come back for their top up appointments so excited they have finally had their procedure done and I always love to hear the positive effect their new make up has had to their own personal situations, so it was interesting to have an experience that made me step back and evaluate the positive effect it has on me too! Sometimes it really is the little things that make all the difference – I may finish a run completely out of breath, red faced and barely able to walk but I assure you ladies that my eyebrows will ALWAYS be on point!