Is there a favourite eyebrow shape?

Posted on April 15, 2019 by Categories: Blog

There is no doubt about it, eyebrows have the power to change your overall appearance. They are one of a persons most prominent features and can quite literally change the shape of your face.

With there being so many different shapes, trends and styles of eyebrow I’ve had a look at the most popular and what they can do to the eyes and face. 

So here are the top 6 –

Straight – The straight brows are loved as it can often draw attention towards the centre of the face, which helps create the illusion of a smaller, more slender face.  They are also know for making the eyes look more youthful.

Curved – These brows dip slightly at the inner corner, before rising and tailoring to create a clear arch. They give more structure to smaller or less defined cheeks and has the ability to soften angular features.

Soft Arch – Known as the classic eyebrow shape, these are more subtle than the arched and has a rounder peak. The arch opens up your eyes and face,  and emphasises other facial features.

Arch – With a clear upward slope that dip down with a sharp angle, these brows give a very youthful effect to the face. They also lead the eyes upwards making the face look more slender.

S Shaped – This shape has a slight curve and a rounded angle.Its said to make a rounder face seem longer and creates a glamorous effect to the eyes.

Upward – This style works by widening the eye area, giving the illusion of a more lifted cheekbone and creating a more youthful look.

We recently did a poll across our social media channels and found that… wait for it… The Soft Arch was the favourite by a significant margin!!! I think this is the reason it’s know as the ‘classic eyebrow shape’. This shape works for so many face shapes and gives a look of beautiful sophistication and elegance. Oh and Beyonce has them…. and who doesn’t like Beyonce?!

If you’d like to talk about the best shape and style that best suits you, we offer a free consultation where Luisa can talk over all things brows… We would love to hear from you!