Some frequently asked questions about the procedures that I do.

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It is a form of cosmetic tattooing performed with a digital handpiece that gently delivers specialist pigment into the top layers of the skin. These pigments are designed to softly fade, allowing them to be refreshed approximately once a year. Delicate hairstrokes or shading can be added to brows to enhance and define thin, sparse or missing brow hair. Results can be soft and natural or a bolder makeup finish to suit your preference and personal style.

No we provide a beautiful aftercare pack containing written aftercare advice and everything you need to look after the treated area. I will talk you through the aftercare process and all clients also have full contact details for myself, so that they can ask any questions during the healing process.

No! I have clients from 18 to 90. Skin type can sometimes mean that for the best result, I need to do a particular method or style. All of this is thoroughly discussed and agreed during the consultation.

All permanent makeup will look darker and bolder for the initial 5-7 days, until the skin heals. You may be a little pink around the treated area for a few hours and some clients will notice the skin is slightly puffy – especially on an eyeliner treatment. I am always really open and up front about what to expect and answer all questions honestly.

No. I will tweeze away some stay hairs but do not shave off your eyebrows! 

. Most of my clients find the procedures painless – some even say it is relaxing! However I am always honest about this and say that discomfort is subjective from person to person. My job is to keep you as comfortable as possible and before you know it, your beautiful makeup is complete.

Permanent makeup can last several years depending on many variables including skin type, medication, sun exposure etc. I always recommend a colour boost every 12-24 months to keep the makeup looking at its best

Most clients can benefit from a permanent makeup treatment. We carefully screen all new clients to check for any issues. We cannot treat during pregnancy and breastfeeding, at some stages of cancer treatment, and on certain medical conditions/medications. All clients must be 18 or over. 

This is a joint decision! We have a good chat beforehand to discuss what you are looking for, and I will guide you using my experience. If you have no idea what you want – then don’t panic! That is what I’m here for. I encourage clients to bring in any pictures/favourite brow pencils/lip colours etc to support our decision making. All permanent makeup is meticulously measured, mapped and drawn on beforehand. Nothing goes ahead until we absolutely agree exactly what the end result/design should be.

From 1.5 to 3 hours depending on what procedure is being carried out. Nothing is rushed. This is an important procedure, so do make sure you have allowed enough time in your diary for your visit

These are brows made up of soft smokey shading. This can be light and dusty or strong and bold depending on personal preference and style.

When delicate hairstrokes are carefully placed to mimic the pattern of natural brow hair. A textured, natural style of brow.

A combination of hairstrokes and shading – sometimes both texture and coverage is needed. I will advise on the best style for the outcome you have chosen.

Absolutely! I have many clients with no existing natural eyebrow hair. I successfully treat clients with alopecia and post medication (such as chemotherapy).