F.A.Q – Do you shave off a clients natural brow before tattooing?

Posted on June 3, 2019 by Categories: Blog

Here at the clinic we get asked many questions regarding eyebrow tattooing and the most common assumption is that the natural brow will be shaved off before the procedure starts.

Im here to tell you ladies that the answer is a big fat NO!!

I never wax or shave off the clients natural brows. I tweeze a few hairs out if needed and trim the longer hairs to keep them tidy but apart from that we try to remove as little of the natural brow as possible. If you can see hair running through the colour of the brow it will have a more 3D effect which makes this looks more like the clients own brows.

I will always try to use the clients natural brow shape as much as I can – so the finished result looks more natural. The only time I would change this is if the client wants there brow a little lifted or for symmetry purposes and if part of the brow isn’t in a good position.

If you have been given the wrong information before about this and it’s been a reason why you’ve not had your brows done, I hope this information has cleared things up for you! If you would like to talk further or get some more information then Click Here and we would be happy to help!