Blemish Removal – what and how?

Posted on October 18, 2021 by Categories: Blog

As well as permanent makeup (brows, eyeliner and lip blush), I also specialise in blemish removal.

Many of us suffer with minor skin blemishes that can affect our confidence. These issues are much more common than many people would think, due to a combination of factors including ageing, UV Damage and certain health conditions.

If you have skin blemishes such as skin tags, warts or thread veins, you may feel that you want them removed whether they’re in a highly visible position or just you know they’re there. Treatment is often not available through the NHS for skin conditions that are deemed ‘cosmetic’ but removing unwanted blemishes can give your confidence a powerful lift.

I use a few different methods of blemish removal – all very competitively priced (from just £25), fairly quick and with minimal discomfort. I am also MASCED qualified, and have been trained to look for early signs of skin melanomas. 

If you have a skin blemish that you want to erase then pop me over a message and I can advise on what I can do. Things I successfully treat on a daily basis are:

Pigmentation/sun spots/age spots 


Skin tags



Thread veins

Seborrheic keratosis



Cherry angioma

Various other little skin lumps and bumps

What and how?


I nearly always choose this method to remove pigmentation (age spots, sun spots, liver spots, commonly found on face, chest and backs of hands). 

CryoPen therapy is a medical procedure that involves the application of nitrous oxide gas ejected under high pressure on to the skin. The gas is very cold which crystallises the fluid contents of the targeted cells, turning them into ice shards, resulting in the destruction of skin lesions. 

Advanced electrolysis 

Advanced Electrolysis is a treatment that uses a Thermolysis current and a very fine needle to either cauterise or lift away the superficial epidermis, depending on the type of blemish that is being treated.

Using Short Wave Diathermy treatments, I conduct an Alternating Current (AC) of electricity into your skin using an ultra fine needle. This electricity causes the water molecules in the cells around the needle to vibrate, creating heat. This heat damages and destroys unwanted cells with pinpoint precision.

Manual milia removal 

Milia are small white bumps under the skin that feel ‘gritty’ to the touch. Often found around eyes and on the cheeks but they can appear anywhere on the face or body.

An sterile extraction tool is used to create a tiny incision and the contents of the milia are carefully removed. Instant results. Some larger or stubborn milia may need to be removed by advanced electrolysis instead.

To find out more, please contact me for further information.