Blemish Removal – the healing process

Posted on October 19, 2021 by Categories: Blog

So Ive treated your blemish – what to expect next?

Aftercare is really important, I’ve done my bit, now it’s over to you!  Firstly, freshly treated blemishes must be protected from the sun – so the winter months are perfect for zapping unwanted bits and bobs. 

The area should be kept clean and dry while healing and any dryness that forms on the healing area should be left alone to detach naturally and should not be picked.

You will be given an aftercare sheet and advice personalised to the particular area and blemish that has been treated.

After a Cryopen treatment, the area may itch for a few minutes – this is a normal histamine reaction. 

A blister may appear on the treated area – this is indiscriminate and will quickly go down on its own if left. 

Pigmentation and skin tags may go very dark in colour and then will fall away a few days later. 

Sometimes a treated area will look like a bee sting for a few hours. This is normal and the redness will subside in a few hours.

After manual milia extraction you will see tiny pin prick marks where the tool has extracted the milia. Do not pick any dryness that forms on these pin pricks. This will detach naturally over the next few days. 

After advanced electrolysis you may notice redness and tenderness on the treated area. This can last up to 48 hours depending on your skin and the intensity of the work done in the area. 

You will see tiny pin prick marks where thread veins have been treated. Do not pick any dryness that forms on these pin pricks. This will detach naturally over the next few days. 

Moles, skin tags and keratosis may have a whitish appearance immediately after treatment which then usually goes darker. The treated area becomes dry and flakes away over the next few days.

Usually just one treatment is required for most blemishes, but some stubborn or larger blemishes may need more than one session. If a second treatment is required, this can be booked a month later, when the skin has fully healed from the initial appointment.

Sometimes the fresh new skin that appears after the blemish has detached, can look pink and it may be weeks or several months until this re pigments and blends with the skin in that area. Occasionally a slight pinkness will remain, although most clients would find this preferable to the original blemish. 

We can treat over 18’s and with a GP approval we can sometimes treat under 18’s, dependant on several factors.

If you would like to banish an unwanted blemish then do get in touch! 

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