All you need to know about blemish removal

Posted on June 20, 2019 by Categories: Blog

Want to banish an annoying blemish? Then read on!Freckles, moles or little skin imperfections can be very endearing and add to our individuality! But sometimes we decide that given the choice we would rather take something away. That is where often I can come in handy!

I use a few different methods of blemish removal – all very competitively priced, fairly quick and with minimal discomfort. I am also MASCED qualified, and have been trained to look for early signs of skin melanomas.

 Things I successfully treat on a daily basis are:

Pigmentation/sun spots/age spots
Skin tags
Thread veins
Cherry angioma
Various other little skin lumps and bumps

I use either a single method or combination of manual extraction/cryopen/advanced electrolysis. I have lots of experience doing these on a daily basis for ladies and gents on face and body so please don’t be embarrassed.

The cryopen is a fabulous tool and allows me to quickly and efficiently freeze a blemish which usually results in the blemish coming away within days.

Advanced electrolysis uses a current to cauterise a blemish which sometimes can be removed at the time of treatment or alternatively it usually will come away in the following days.

A stubborn larger blemish may take a couple of treatments to complete but the majority will go after just one session.

Prices start from just £25 depending on which method is used and how many areas need treating. I always advise the best method for a good result and keep the cost as low as possible for each client. I hope this has been a useful read and if you would like to find out more then I would love to hear from you! Contact Luisa and get your appointment booked today!